About Us

Who We Are

Our breeding started by Jörg Schäffer, who was born in 1960 and raised on a farm with his parents, who were farmers and had a lot of sheep and dogs in west Germany.

Jörg grew up around German shepherd dogs that were working and protecting their household. By the time he felt a tight attachment with German shepherd dogs; therefore, he had decided to breed them in the 1980s. His goal was to produce quality puppies to import them all around the world.

Jörg met his wife, Susan, who was from South Carolina. Susan was also a very passionate person about dogs. Jörg immigrated to the United States in 1991 as he carefully hand-selected and picked his favorite dogs to take with him to continue breeding. He’s still affiliated with some other kennels from Germany to date to become the best and top breeder in the USA.


We Are AKC Breeders of Merit

  • We have a history of several years’ involvement with AKC events. We have earned AKC Conformation, Performance or Companion event titles on many dogs from AKC litters we bred or co-bred.
  • We have proven our dedication to preserving breed characteristics and producing healthy, well-socialized puppies. We are the most conscientious and most committed breeder.
  • We have provided proof of Parent Club required health testing, temperament, and genetic screening on sires/dams of litters, and we have demonstrated that 100% of the puppies produced are individually AKC registered and placed in responsible homes.

Before breeding took place, both female and male underwent a series of tests, including hip and elbow X-ray, eye, and heart test, to ensure that there are no physical or genetic problems that might be passed on to offspring.

Genetic Problems

We are well aware of the genetic problems to which the breed is predisposed, and we use no dog for breeding unless it is certified clear of defects by a qualified Veterinarian. Therefore, we guarantee the health of puppies.

Good Reputation

We need to maintain a good reputation. Our goal is to produce a beautiful specimen, which anyone would dream of owning.

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